An Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to SMS-enable any application, website or system. Using a range of connections, they are quick and easy to implement and suited for a wide range of uses. Using an API to connect to our SMS Gateway gives you the immediate functionality to deliver and receive messages, to-and-from any application.

Uwazii MOBILE is working hard to ensure that any developer who wants to use our sms messaging gateway in their application, site or system, can do so reliably and simply. Our API is fast, simple and reliable and can easily fit into any project. Are you a developer? You can test-drive or start using our API right away with our free online registration.

Our API provides a simple way for developers to connect to the Uwazii MOBILE SMS gateway, and has all relevant features. It is based on HTTP GET and POST and SMPPP. The APIs are simple and powerful to send your SMS messages. They allow you to send all kind of message types, including ordinary text and binary messages.