Connecting Better with Customers and Catapulting Their Businesses.

Since establishment in 2013, Uwazii MOBILE has grown to be a leading SMS company within the telecommunication industry in Kenya. Ran with a team of young, ambitious and determined people, our goal is to help businesses and organizations to achieve their maximum potentials by growing their mobile audience, connect better with customers, and catapult their businesses or organizations using SMS messaging.

  • Real People: Get a live chat, phone, and email conversation at any time between Monday and Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EAT.
  • API Assistance: Our dedicated team of engineers is online to help you with the challenges of API integration that you may have.
  • Help Desk: Browse through our easy to understand knowledge base for common FAQs on how to send bulk sms in Kenya.
  • Enterprise Security: Our company protects your data using the latest security mechanisms as those of financial institutions.
  • Data Privacy: Your data is never sold or abused in any way. We will never send your contacts any messages.
  • Data Compliance: We are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation protocols – GDPR.

You’re in a credible bulk SMS company.

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Our mission has been to achieve a successful long-term business relationship and total client satisfaction with sincerity, dedication, and trust. To achieve this, we have been living, eating and breathing mobile communication.

We give every customer the ability to send text messages using a dedicated short code, sender ID, and the ability to top up your account whenever you want and monitor your sent messages. We also give you the freedom to use whichever keywords you want and send your message everywhere you want.

Our vision is to be the leading low-cost communication service provider offering high quality and guaranteed message delivery across all mobile devices in the world. We believe in creating a phenomenal experience for our clients and strive to be as transparent, dependable, and as customer-centric as possible.

We focus on the development of innovative mobile services as we believe that our solutions make a good fit with almost each and every business or organization to send a text message to a wide SMS coverage.

Custom Sender – Distinguish yourself from your rivals and easily create your brand by labelling your messages. Branded messages are easy to recall and create customer loyalty.

Messaging Wizard – Create and send out outbound messages easily with our step-by-step messaging assistant. Avoid errors by saving templates for future use and communicating effectively.

2-way Messaging – Send and receive SMS or SMS notifications using our online SMS program. SMS messages can be sent with a dedicated sender ID or a shortcode for responses.

Rich Profiles – Learn more about your clients with the ability to store their addresses, phone numbers, emails, and add numerous organizational options.

Smart Phonebook – Automatically attach your contacts to your phonebook and label them with special tags. Contacts can be added as one by one or by mass import.

Global Coverage – Send text messages to and from more than 200 countries around the world using our company. Our bulk SMS facilitates multilingual messaging.

Data Protection – Enjoy the convenience of international contact. Our SMS messages are protected by bank-level encryption and are regularly backed up across 7 data centres.

Advanced Scheduling – Schedule the SMS messages to be delivered at a certain time or date when you are not physically present to send them. You can also set the transmission rate per minute.

The Nuts & Bolts

  • Message Routing

    Create automatic rules for processing incoming messages.

  • Automatic Opt-out

    Enable automatic opt-out and reduce costs of messaging.

  • Long Message

    Can’t keep it at 160 characters? We support up to 800 character SMS.

  • Multilingual Support

    Communicate in multiple languages such as Turkish, Greek, and Latin.

  • Multiple Users

    One account, unlimited users, and continuous logging for each user.

  • Dedicated Shortcode

    Receive feedback from our customers using end 2-way messages.