Communicate instantly with your customers through the Uwazii MOBILE Bulk SMS platform. Our Bulk SMS application has been designed to give you the simplest, easiest, sleekest, and most powerful approach on Bulk SMS messaging in the cloud. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily set up new Bulk SMS broadcasts in seconds and manage multiple Bulk SMS campaigns from one interface supporting thousands of Bulk SMS messages.

Custom Sender

Communicate with your customers using a registered sender ID. Distinguish yourself from your competitors and build your brand rapidly.

Smart Phonebook

Automatically add your contacts to your phonebook and group them using special tags. Contacts can be added as one by one or using mass import.

Messaging Wizard

Easily create and send outbound SMS messages with our step by step messaging wizard. Avoid errors and communicate efficiently

Advanced Analytics

Get real-time updates on sent messages and carry all your data with you whenever there is the need. Export your contacts and reports anytime

Rich Profiles

Gain more insight on your customers with the ability to store their names, telephone numbers, emails and add different administrative levels.

Tagging and Segmenting

Easily add tags to your customers, segment them into separate groups and send them individually individual messages.

International Coverage

Send SMS messages to and from over 200 countries across the world using Uwazii MOBILE. Our bulk sms supports multi-lingual messaging

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule your SMS messages to be sent out at a particular time or date when you are not physically present to sent them

Message Personalization

Personalise the messages to your customers by inserting their name and other information into the message using different variables

Data Protection

Enjoy the safety off communicating international. Our SMS messages are protected with 256-bit encryption and is backed up regularly

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SMS Gateway API

Integrate our Bulk SMS gateway with your website or software using SMS API tools and add SMS services to your business instantly.

Two-way SMS

Send and receive SMS or text messages using our online SMS software. SMS messages can be sent with a dedicated sender id and responses received via a shortcode.

Text to Voice

Making a call campaign from a text is easy using an internet connection. Our user-friendly software converts your text into a voice call and delivers it.

Multiple Accounts

Create sub-accounts that give your customers the ability to instantly communicate with a mobile phone and credit their accounts through your main account.

Sender ID

Display your business or brand name as the sender of an SMS message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool.

Multilingual Support

Send and receive bulk text messages across the world in different languages including Baltic, Cyrillic, Greek, Latin 1, Portuguese, Turkish, and Spanish.

Dedicated Shortcode

With a dedicated shortcode for your business, you are able to send and receive text messages from anyone without having to text them first.

Long Messages

Send long SMS messages up to 800 characters in length whenever you find that 160 characters are not enough. You’ll receive a realtime delivery report.

Stop Command

Allow your subscribers to opt-out from receiving your messages anytime, enabling you to reduce your costs of sending bulk text.

Message Routing

Create automatic rules for processing incoming SMS campaigns – including auto-replies and adding subscribers to lists.

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