Bulk SMS Pricing

We have designed our Bulk SMS pricing with our customers' interests at heart.

Pricing Features

  • Tiered Pricing – If your SMS traffic keeps changing monthly. We offer SMS bundles that give you the flexibility of purchasing what you need.
  • Flexible Billing – Experience the convenience of texting worldwide with a pay-as-you-go billing system. You can set credit limits by depositing funds and receiving a monthly invoice reflecting your SMS payment usage.
  • Volume Discounts – Are you in search of amazing discounts? We offer bulk SMS pricing discounts for high-volume orders. Contact our team to find out how much you can save..
  • Payment Options – We offer various payment methods to suit your needs, including mobile money (MPesa), bank transfer, cheque, or credit card. Rest assured that we have you covered..

Package Deals

  • Automatic Recharge

    You can top up your SMS account using various payment methods.

  • Balance Notification

    Stay informed about your account usage and limits with automatic notifications.

  • Credits Don’t Expire

    Your bulk SMS credits do not expire as long as your account is active.

  • Realtime Verification

    We provide an accurate report of handset delivery for every text message.

What's Included?

Our simple pricing model.

We thrive on an approach that is pleasingly simple. Offering the cheapest bulk SMS prices does not mean that we cut out our customers on buying power. Our pricing is done with our customers in mind – no setup fees or software costs.

Volume Discounts

The price of bulk SMS decreases as you increase the quantity sent.

Duplicate Removal

We can assist in removing duplicate contacts from your list, which can ultimately help you save time and resources.

No Hidden Costs

Our platform offers a diverse range of reports that provide detailed billing information for every SMS sent.

Alphanumeric ID

Easily send a large number of text messages with your brand name to gain recognition.

Online Purchase

You can easily add funds to your account by using mobile money to transfer money to your credit card online.

Flexible Billing

We offer the option of pay-as-you-go or monthly billing.

Free API Usage

You can connect your application to our SMS gateway at any time.

Rejected Messages

If a message is blocked, there will be no billing for it. To learn more, please refer to the help section for further information.

International Presence

Our support is available for both local and international businesses.

Credits Don’t Expire

As long as your account remains active, there is no expiration date for your SMS credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can you send at once?

Our SMS gateway has a throughput of 500 bulk text messages per second. You can send millions of messages at a go using a branded sender ID or shortcode. We use the latest load-balancing technology to ensure robust SMS delivery.

How different are you from other bulk SMS providers?

Suppose you compare our SMS solutions with other bulk SMS marketing services. We stand out on real-time delivery, lower pricing, and faster turn-around.

From the beginning, we were set to create a better bulk SMS software that’s affordable by any business. We are enthusiastic about SMS solutions and welcome you to test our bulk SMS platform. Feel free to contact us for free SMS credits! We have a demo SMS account too.

Are there any other bulk SMS cost?

There are no other costs once you purchase your bulk SMS credits. We believe in a transparent billing process. Our team has created a cutting-edge dashboard for bulk SMS gateway that enables users to easily monitor their SMS credit usage, campaign costs, and delivery rates for text messages.

Is there different pricing for international businesses?

Yes, we do have different prices for companies or businesses that are not incorporated in Kenya. With our bulk SMS service, you can send messages not just within Kenya, but to over 1,000 mobile networks worldwide. Your bulk SMS account will include a comprehensive list of all the networks you can reach.

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