Bulk SMS

What is Bulk SMS? A service which allows a wide range of SMS messages to be sent simultaneously to a broad audience. This is an excellent service to use for delivering SMS messages to your customers worldwide, safely, quickly and directly. When contests, marketing campaigns, employees notifications, promotions or events are held, a Bulk SMS platform is best used to ... Read More

Bulk SMS Marketing

We live in an era of technology. It's not surprising to see that people see mobile phones as the most effective communication tool. The reason is very simple, today's mobile phones have been converted into smartphones and you can use them for multi-tasking, e.g. sending sms, email, photo sharing, snap chat, long distance phone calls, etc. But a new wave ... Read More

Bulk SMS Reseller

Bulk SMS is needed in today’s business. There are numerous companies entering the market every day yet the vicious competition from established companies forces them to give up. If these businesses need to compete and advance to the levels of established corporations, they need to embrace Bulk SMS which can turn a loss-making enterprise into a profit-making business. Bulk SMS … Read More