Maximize Your Audience

Bulk SMS service providers in Kenya play an important role in the provision of business communication solutions. Individuals, business and nonprofit organizations find this role to be very important because SMS text messages have instant delivery with a high open rate compared to other methods are available. Businesses and organizations want to reach a maximum number of people across different ... Read More


Reducing Customer Opt-out Following each SMS marketing campaign, it is normal to get a few recipients opt-out. But what if a simple change reduced a large number of opt-outs and contributed to maintaining more contacts? There are two opt-out functions for our online SMS platform service: mobile network operator required e.g. STOP*456*9*5# and customer initiated opt-out URL. Switching from one ... Read More

Benefits of Bulk SMS

Your customers are the core of your business and your most valuable asset. There's need to cherish them if you want to see any level of growth in your business. To stay in touch with your customers and maintain a long-lasting relationship, you need a reliable communication tool. For businesses that are low on budget, there is no better alternative ... Read More