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Reseller Solution built up in partnership, live testing, and customer feedback.  It has never been easier to become a Bulk SMS Reseller. But in partnership with Uwazii MOBILE, you can create a new revenue stream while helping other businesses grow using highly effective SMS marketing. Whether you’re experienced in selling mobile marketing or just starting out, we have a solution that works for your business. Start your SMS business with our top solutions and strong network relationships.

Enterprise or Reseller Account

Reseller Bulk SMS Prices

KES 1 - KES 20,000KES 0.75 1 26,667
KES 20,001 - KES 33,000KES 0.70 26,668 47,143
KES 33,001 - KES 54,000KES 0.65 47,144 83,077
KES 54,001 - KES 88,000KES 0.60 83,078 146,667
KES 88,001 - KES 142,000KES 0.55 146,668 258,182
KES 142,001 - KES 230,000KES 0.50 258,183 460,000
KES 230,001 - KES 371,000KES 0.45 460,001 824,444
KES 371,001 - KES 598,000KES 0.40 824,445 1,495,000
KES 598,001 - KES 963,000KES 0.35 1,495,001 2,751,429
KES 963,001 - KES 1,552,000KES 0.30 2,751,430 5,173,333
KES 1,552,001 - KES 2,500,000KES 0.25 5,173,334 10,000,000

Prices are inclusive of taxes – Call us at +254722157527 to discuss high volume traffic. Click here for our international coverage rates.


Our Reseller Program is an extremely transparent and manageable process which works on a pre-paid model. The reseller acquires Bulk SMS from Uwazii MOBILE at a bargain and further sells it at the price of his own evaluation. All stakeholders are provided with web-based GUI for accessing the system and transaction. This account authorizes you to manage and minister your users, brand name and advertise your own domain name and Bulk messaging service. Hence, an extensive and exhaustive database of customers would mean higher profits and more earning.


The program substantially concentrates on delivering distinguished and meritorious service to your customers, strengthening and multiplying your business. We constantly work to enhance its service level and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. This relinquishes and grants you the flexibility of contemplating as well as concentrating on acquiring customers and expanding the database. We equip you with all the backend services and support required for a flourishing messaging business including technical customer support at all the times.


We offer you become our Bulk SMS reseller and be part of the 55 billion SMS business. It dispenses you with the discretion of working for yourself and helps fabrication of your aim. It gives you the vision to restructure your own goals. With Uwazii MOBILE you earn good, achieve quick growth and build up a flourishing Bulk SMS Messaging Business. You get high returns on low investment! You won’t be able to find a similar solution elsewhere in the market. In other words, there are no services similar to Uwazii MOBILE for Bulk SMS Resellers.

Each account includes

Campaign Wizard

Our message campaign wizard is super easy to use and will allow you to send a comprehensive, personalized SMS message in seconds.

Contact Cleaning

Worry less about mixed contacts. We will clean your contacts using our smart import filter. It can reformat numbers automatically in different styles.

Automatic Opt-out

We grant each recipient access to a USSD number to automatically opt-out. An opt-out message will automatically be placed at the end of each message.

Delivery Reports

We give authentic handset delivery report. This means we receive acknowledgment that the phone has received the SMS, not just the carrier.


Our RESTful SMS API is open to all accounts and is available free of charge. You can also use our shared sender ID for free to send SMS campaigns.

Dedicated Support

Our customers rarely have problems with our simple web interface or SMS API, but you can always call us during business hours or email us.

Product Highlights

We will give you the flexibility that you need to succeed with our White Label SMS Reseller platform.


A fully white labelled bulk SMS messaging suite that is ready for use with no programming required.


Send system generated email alerts detailing the login details of your resellers and customers.


Allow your customers to connect directly to your SMS gateway using our advanced SMS APIs.


Take total control of your reseller or customer billing and earn well with quick growth.

Finances and Reporting

The Uwaxii MOBILE’s client control panel is the command center of your SMS services. Get a quick snapshot of your overall financial position or view monthly volume and spending.

Advanced Pricing

Pricing can be set individually for each customer. Simply add your margin to text messages, numbers, or keywords. The margin earned is yours and you get to keep it.

Administrative Control

You can log in directly from your to client accounts. This is very helpful for troubleshooting and training. It can also be used to manage the actions of the client account.

Shortcode Purchase

You can allow customers to purchase shortcodes and add a monthly margin . You can also purchase shortcodes and sell individual keywords for a monthly fee.

Secure Payment Options

We accept payments through mobile money such as MPESA, Bank Transfer or Cheque. Visit the payment section for more details. It is important to note that your account will be credited after the funds have cleared. Please note that product prices are inclusive of taxes.

Online Purchase

Topup your account online and have the SMS credits added to your account within 5 minutes or less.

Credit Expiry

SMS credits dont have an expiry period as long as you keep your account active. You can top up anytime.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service you can always request a refund for unused credit. See our terms.

Balance Notification

Enable automatic balance notification whenever your account balance reaches a certain limit.

Printable Payment Receipts

Access a printable PDF receipt for payments made online. The receipt is emailed to you immediately.

Unique Invoice Numbers

File and track your payments with a unique invoice number. Important for future business reference.

“Become an Enterpreneur – Join our Reseller Program”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register an account?

Registering for a new account at Uwazii MOBILE is absolutely free and takes just a few minutes. Please note that all fields must be completed to register successfully. Once you have entered the information correctly, click “SUBMIT” and you will receive a welcome email with more information. Click here to register an account now.

How do I login?

Once you have received your login information and set up your password. Click “LOG IN” on the navigation bar on our website and enter your’ Username’ and’ Password.’

Once your account was created, a password setup link was sent to you by email. However, if you did not receive the email for one reason or another, you can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Login Credentials.” You will need to provide either your username and the email address used during account registration.

Please note that both the username and password are case sensitive and should be entered as per the welcome email before starting your SMS campaign.

I have completed my registration, what next?

On successful registration, a welcome email will be sent to you. The email will inform you that we’re in the process of creating your account. Once you have created your account, you will receive an email with the login details. To get started, visit our homepage, click “Log in” and enter your username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to use our services.

How many networks do you cover?

We provide coverage to over 1,000 mobile networks in more than 200 countries around the globe. To see a list of covered networks, log in to your account and navigate to manage pricing.

How much does an SMS cost?

We believe in fair pricing policy and do not cut our customers on buying power. As a low-cost SMS service provider, our cost per 160 character SMS starts from KSh. 0.45 across all Kenya mobile networks.

For accurate costs, please see our pricing page. We are interconnected with over 1,000 mobile networks around the world. If you are interested in pricing for countries other than Kenya. Please feel free to contact us. This information can also be found on your website.

Are there any other costs involved?

We do not charge any setup fees or monthly fees for sending messages. We are operating on a prepaid basis. The credits you buy will remain in your account as long as your account remains active. We also do not charge our customers for incoming messages. Tariffs other than normal network tariffs.

How do I top-up my account

Uwazii MOBILE operates on a prepaid basis. You can buy credits online via the payment section of our website. We support the purchase of credit via Mobile Money Transfer, Credit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct Bank Deposit. Your account balance will be shown on the upper right side of your screen when you log in.

Which routes do you use to send messages?

The default messaging routes for Kenya are by means of direct associations with Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel, and Equitel. These associations are dependable than other connections.
Likewise, we are able to facilitate 2-way communication through standardized shortcodes.
Our cost of sending an SMS across all the Kenyan mobile networks is the same. We do not charge different takes across Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, and Equitel.

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