SMS Gateway API

Integrate Bulk SMS into Your Software

SMS Gateway API for building your own messaging app using our messaging infrastructure. Our SMS API allows you to send and receive an SMS text message to any phone number, query information about inbound and outbound messages, manage contacts, create templates (i.e. message formats and static texts) and schedule recurrent SMS messages as well as process bulk SMS messages.

Free SMS API Documentation

Choose our user-friendly SMS Gateway API to blend our SMS service seamlessly with your existing business applications and systems. We work hard to ensure that any developer who wants to use our SMS API code in their application, site or system, can do so reliably and simply. Our API is fast, simple and reliable and can be used to send and receive text messages in any project. You can test-drive or start using our API right away with our free online registration.

Ready-to-Use API Scripts

Use Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Perl to integrate your apps using our SMS API script.

Text Directly from Your App

Send one, two, thousands or millions of SMS messages directly from your app.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Create an account, get your API key, and integrate our API into your app in less than one day.

KES 1 - KES 20,000KES 0.75 1 26,667
KES 20,001 - KES 33,000KES 0.70 26,668 47,143
KES 33,001 - KES 54,000KES 0.65 47,144 83,077
KES 54,001 - KES 88,000KES 0.60 83,078 146,667
KES 88,001 - KES 142,000KES 0.55 146,668 258,182
KES 142,001 - KES 230,000KES 0.50 258,183 460,000
KES 230,001 - KES 371,000KES 0.45 460,001 824,444
KES 371,001 - KES 598,000KES 0.40 824,445 1,495,000
KES 598,001 - KES 963,000KES 0.35 1,495,001 2,751,429
KES 963,001 - KES 1,552,000KES 0.30 2,751,430 5,173,333
KES 1,552,001 - KES 2,500,000KES 0.25 5,173,334 10,000,000

Prices are inclusive of taxes – Call us at +254722157527 to discuss high volume traffic. Click here for our international coverage rates.

Gateway Functions

Send Texts

Send one or thousands of text messages to any app with our SMS API.

Call Back URLs

We can post text message replies and notifications of delivery directly to your application.

Unicode SMS

Send messages using Greek, Arabic or Asian character sets or include special characters

Bulk SMS Messages

Receive Replies

Get inbound text messages as a separate API command or let replies to your application be posted.

Check Account

To verify your balance, access your account and ensure that you have sufficient credit for the next campaign.

Long Text Messages

Send a single message with up to 800 characters – very useful if more information is required.

Frequent Questions

If you’re not a software developer, the concept of SMS API integration with third-party services may be somewhat difficult to understand, so you may want to look at these questions:

How to use the Uwazii MOBILE API

You can utilize the Uwazii MOBILE SMS API to obtain inbox and outbound message information, transmission/reception of SMS messages, contact lists, recurring text scheduling, bulk SMS processing, and template setup. This is how to start using the Uwazii MOBILE SMS Gateway API: (i) Register for an account to obtain your SMS API credentials. The login credentials for the Uwazii MOBILE web application are the same as those for the API credentials. (ii) Connect to the API endpoint and start writing your code.

What is an API

An application programming interface or API is a set of web-based application programming rules, standards, and instructions. Generally speaking, SMS APIs are released to the public to allow developers to use the API to power their services. The end user sees only one interface, but many APIs work together behind the scenes and integrate with SMS solutions to deliver a seamless experience.

Does Uwazii MOBILE provide public SMS API documentation?

Of course! Our team has produced an exhaustive SMS API documentation to help you construct your own messaging application through our infrastructure. Our documentation includes information on text messages, SMS emails, distribution lists, personalized fields, accounts and sub-counts, and statistics, encoding and more. Read full SMS Gateway API documentation.

How can I obtain Uwazii MOBILE SMS API credentials?

Before you get started with the Uwazii MOBILE REST API, you have to register for an account which will give you your API credentials and connect to the API endpoint. This can be done by signing up for free. Once you have received your account credentials, acess the API and connect with your code.

Each account includes

Campaign Wizard

Our message campaign wizard is super easy to use and will allow you to send a comprehensive, personalized SMS message in seconds.

Contact Cleaning

Worry less about mixed contacts. We will clean your contacts using our smart import filter. It can reformat numbers automatically in different styles.

Automatic Opt-out

We grant each recipient access to a USSD number to automatically opt-out. An opt-out message will automatically be placed at the end of each message.

Delivery Reports

We give authentic handset delivery report. This means we receive acknowledgment that the phone has received the SMS, not just the carrier.


Our RESTful SMS API is open to all accounts and is available free of charge. You can also use our shared sender ID for free to send SMS campaigns.

Dedicated Support

Our customers rarely have problems with our simple web interface or SMS API, but you can always call us during business hours or email us.

Secure Payment Options

Online Purchase

Topup your account online and have the SMS credits added to your account within 5 minutes or less.

Credit Expiry

SMS credits dont have an expiry period as long as you keep your account active. You can top up anytime.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with our service you can always request a refund for unused credit. See our terms.

Balance Notification

Enable automatic balance notification whenever your account balance reaches a certain limit.

Printable Payment Receipts

Access a printable PDF receipt for payments made online. The receipt is emailed to you immediately.

Unique Invoice Numbers

File and track your payments with a unique invoice number. Important for future business reference.

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