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Bulk SMS for Schools: Start being more productive with Bulk SMS today. Empower your school to use Bulk SMS services to send SMS to parents, students, and the entire academic team at a very minimal investment. Schools, colleges, universities, and other learning institutions can organize, inform and protect their school in ways that past generations couldn’t even imagine.

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It is important to get the message out as quickly as possible to the staff, teachers, students, and parents in times of school emergencies and urgent announcements. No other medium can deliver your message more quickly and at an affordable price than a Bulk SMS software. We developed a bulk SMS gateway that meets the needs of every school of learning institution. With various functionalities, each school, college or university can use our SMS system to be in constant contact with students, parents, teachers, nonteachers and the whole community hassle free.

Top-up AmountPrice Per SMSNumber of SMS
KSh. 1 - KSh. 12,500KSh. 0.75Up to 16,667 Messages
KSh. 12,501 - KSh. 25,000KSh. 0.70Up to 35,714 Messages
KSh. 25,001 - KSh. 50,000KSh. 0.65Up to 76,923 Messages
KSh. 50,001 - KSh. 100,000KSh. 0.60Up to 166,667 Messages
KSh. 100,001 - KSh. 150,000KSh. 0.55Up to 272,727 Messages
KSh. 150,001 - KSh. 200,000KSh. 0.5Up to 400,000 Messages

Prices are inclusive of taxes – Call us at +254722157527 to discuss high volume traffic. Click here for our international coverage rates.

Each account includes

Campaign Wizard

Our message campaign wizard is super easy to use and will allow you to send a comprehensive, personalized SMS message in seconds.

Contact Cleaning

Worry less about mixed contacts. We will clean your contacts using our smart import filter. It can reformat numbers automatically in different styles.

Automatic Opt-out

We grant each recipient access to a USSD number to automatically opt-out. An opt-out message will automatically be placed at the end of each message.

Delivery Reports

We give authentic handset delivery report. This means we receive acknowledgment that the phone has received the SMS, not just the carrier.


Our RESTful SMS API is open to all accounts and is available free of charge. You can also use our shared sender ID for free to send SMS campaigns.

Dedicated Support

Our customers rarely have problems with our simple web interface or SMS API, but you can always call us during business hours or email us.

Bulk SMS Service for Schools

Parents bring their mobile phones with them wherever they go so that they can receive important information easily and efficiently. In schools, colleges, and universities, when parents receive school text messages, they are confident that they will immediately be informed whenever need be. Some simple examples of how schools and educational institutions can be sending bulk SMS  and increase their open rate include:

Emergency Communication

When your school is closed due to an emergency, you can not immediately rely on local radio or television. A simple text message is enough to notify school parents when a decision is made and allow them plenty of time to find out what they need to do with their children.

Virtual Teaching

Every year, the workload for students gets complicated. Schools and learning institutions may use bulk SMS software for schools to strengthen teachings and give guidance on homework. If a teacher forgets to mention something during school hours or wants to remind students to give them something the next day, they should send their parents a quick SMS message.

Sporting Activities

Whether you’re a coach or a team parent, you know how fun though taxing, school sports can be. The conventional pen-and-paper organization method could soon become more confusing than useful between road trips, practice, and schoolwork. Bulk SMS service for schools can be used to send SMS reminders of road games and cancelations can save the children time and give the peace of mind to the adults.

Interactive Messaging

Parents don’t have to wait any longer for letters to be sent into their mailboxes or go to school to check their balance or their children’s performance. Schools can now offer interactive SMS messaging solutions for parents and students that enable them to check balance, performance, and so much more.

Workplace Communication

Bulk Messaging isn’t just for teachers to coordinate with students and parents. The teaching and nonteaching staff also need to organize and communicate with each other on various needs. The teaching staff can use Bulk SMS to setup meetings, synchronize lesson plans, send reminders, and organize school committees.

Confidential Communication

In an environment where students can outnumber staff by 45 to 1, it can be difficult to ensure the most secure learning experience. If you give students a confidential and anonymous way to report harmful behavior, you will also give them the opportunity to change their environment not only academically, but also socially.

Secure Payment Options

We accept payments through mobile money such as MPESA, Bank Transfer or Cheque. Visit the payment section for more details. It is important to note that your account will be credited after the funds have cleared. Please note that product prices are inclusive of taxes.

Online Purchase

Top up your account online and add your SMS credits to your account within 5 minutes or less.

Credit Expiry

SMS credits dont have an expiry period as long as you keep your account active. You can top up anytime.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our service, you can always request a refund for unused credit. See our terms and conditions.

Balance Notification

Enable automatic balance notification whenever your account balance reaches a certain limit.

Printable Payment Receipts

Access a printable PDF receipt for payments made online. The receipt is emailed to you immediately.

Unique Invoice Numbers

File and track your payments with a unique invoice number. Important for future business reference.

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