Build Messaging Apps using a Comprehensive SMS API for Developers.

Written with Developers in Mind

The Uwazii MOBILE SMS API allows you to send and receive text messages to any mobile phone. You can ask for information about inbound and outbound messages and manage contacts. The bulk SMS API can also create templates and schedule recurrent messages.

Getting Started

Choose our sms gateway to blend our messaging solution with your existing business applications. We work hard to ensure that any developer who wants to use sms api code in their application, site or system, can do so. Our sms gateway api is fast, simple and reliable. Use it to send and receive text messages in any project. You can test-drive or start using our bulk sms api right away with our free online registration.

The Nuts & Bolts

  • Message Routing

    Create automatic rules for processing incoming messages.

  • Automatic Opt-out

    Enable automatic opt-out and reduce costs of messaging.

  • Dedicated Shortcode

    Receive feedback from our customers using end 2-way messages.

  • Ready Scripts

    Use Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Perl to integrate your apps using our SMS API script.

  • Long Message

    Can’t keep it at 160 characters? We support up to 800 character sms.

  • Multilingual Support

    Communicate in multiple languages such as Turkish, Greek, and Latin.

  • Multiple Users

    One account, unlimited users, and continuous logging for each user.

  • Direct Texting

    Send one, two, thousands or millions of SMS messages directly from your app.

  • Mass Texting

    Send one or thousands of sms text messages to any app with our SMS API.

  • Call Back URL

    We post sms replies and notifications directly to your application.

  • Unicode Messages

    Text using Greek, Arabic or Asian character sets or include special characters.

  • Account Balance

    Make sure you have enough money with a single api call.

Up to 99.9% Delivery Guaranteed

We are connected with over 1,000 mobile networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not a developer, the concept of sms api integration may be somewhat difficult to understand. You may want to look at these questions to understand how programmable sms works.

What is an SMS API?

An application programming interface or API is a set of web-based application programming rules, standards, and instructions. Generally speaking, SMS APIs are released to the public to allow developers to use the API to power their services. The end-user sees only one interface, but many APIs work together behind the scenes and integrate with SMS solutions to deliver a seamless experience.

Do you provide public API documentation for your batch SMS sender?

Of course! Our team has produced an exhaustive SMS API documentation to help you develop your own messaging application through our infrastructure. Our documentation includes information on text messages, distribution lists, personalized fields, accounts and sub-counts, and statistics, encoding and more. Read full SMS Gateway API documentation.

How can I obtain the credentials for the API to send SMS?

Before you get started with the Uwazii MOBILE REST API, you have to register for an account which will give you your API credentials and connect to the API endpoint. This can be done by signing up for free. Once you have received your account credentials, access the API key and connect with your code to send SMS marketing campaigns.

What can I utilise the API for?

You can use our API freely to connect with other SMS platforms and web application to get inbound and outbound messages. Our SMS rest API can also be used to access stored contacts, schedule messages, process bulks requests, and create templates.

How many messages can you send?

Our SMS gateway has a throughput of 10,000 messages per second. You can send mass text messages at a go to different mobile numbers or mobile networks without sim cards.

How different are you from another SMS service provider?

Real-time delivery, lower pricing, and faster turn-around. We created a bulk SMS service that’s different from any other bulk SMS gateway. Supporting both SMPP and REST  HTTP API SMS.

How secure is my data, can you sell or share it?

Our SMS text messaging API is secured with the bank-level security standard. We respect your privacy. Your phone numbers, emails, and messages are yours and will never be sold, used or shared with someone.

Does your platform support the branding of messages?

The SMS messaging API supports sending of messages through shortcodes, alphanumeric sender ID and email domains. Shortcodes and be used to send and receive SMS across different networks and sender IDs can be used to send bulk SMS 1-way.

How do I get delivery receipts?

Using our SMS service API, you can opt to receive receipts via HTTP or XML and can set up to receive by default or provide a delivery receipt request on bulk texting. We are not tied to a specific programming language or operating system.

Is it possible to integrate your API with WordPress?

Yes. We already have a working WordPress plugin that has been integrated with the Uwazii MOBILE API. If you would like to give it a try, check our the WP SMS plugin.

Do you support airtel bulk SMS?

We are directly connected with over 1,000 mobile networks around the world to ensure that our messaging services are outstanding. Out of these connections, Airtel is a major player that we can’t miss being connected to.

Does your application come with SMS dashboard?

We designed our messaging application based on the feedback from our customers. Not only do we provide an SMS dashboard for detailed messaging analytics, but we also offer real-time logs with delivery statuses to the real phone numbers. After sending your bulk SMS messages, refresh the page for more details.

Is there a cutoff time for blast SMS?

Different countries have different regulations for sending bulk sms messages. For instance, in Kenya, Safaricom does not allow the sending of promotional sms between 6pm and 8am. Our account managers are well versed with the regulations for sms marketing in different regions.

Volume Discounts

The more you send the cheaper the mass SMS price.

Duplicate Removal

We remove duplicate contacts and help you save.

No Hidden Costs

Wide variety of reports with detailed billing for each SMS.

Alphanumeric ID

Send blast SMS with your brand name and get recognized.

Flexible Billing

We support pay as you go and monthly billing.

Free SMS Integration

Connect your application with our SMS gateway anytime.

Rejected Messages

We do not bill rejected messages. See help section for details.

International Presence

We support both local and international business.


Get full access to our messaging gateway features.

Data Compliance

100% compliant with the GDPR protocols.