[heading title=”Company Profile” sub_title=”Connect better with customers and catapult their businesses to the next level.”]

Bulk SMS Service Provider: Since establishment in 2013, Uwazii MOBILE has grown to be a leading SMS service provider within the telecommunication industry in Kenya. Ran with a team of young, ambitious and determined people, our goal is to help businesses and organizations to achieve their maximum potentials by growing their mobile audience, connect better with customers, and catapult their businesses or organizations using SMS, voice, and email messaging.

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[heading title=”Our Mission” style=”8″]

Our mission has been to achieve a successful long-term business relationship and total client satisfaction with sincerity, dedication, and trust. To achieve this, we have been living, eating and breathing mobile communication. We give every customer the ability to send text messages using a dedicated shortcode, sender ID, and the ability to top up your account whenever you want and monitor your sent messages. We also give you the freedom to use whichever keywords you want and send your message everywhere you want.

[heading title=”Our Vission” style=”8″]

Our vision is to be the leading low-cost communication service provider offering high quality and guaranteed message delivery across all mobile devices in the world. We believe in creating a phenomenal experience for our clients and strive to be as transparent, dependable, and as customer-centric as possible. We focus on the development of innovative mobile services as we believe that our solutions make a good fit with almost each and every business or organization to send a text message to a wide SMS coverage.

You are in the right company

Thousands of business and organizations are using the Uwazii MOBILE platform as a communication tool.

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Each account includes

[info_box title=”Campaign Wizard” icon=”fa fa-magic” icon_size=”medium” style=”none” color=”#ffffff”]

Our message campaign wizard is super easy to use and will allow you to send a comprehensive, personalized SMS message in seconds.

[info_box title=”Contact Cleaning” icon=”fa fa-wpforms” icon_size=”medium” style=”none” color=”#ffffff”]

Worry less about mixed contacts. We will clean your contacts using our smart import filter. It can reformat numbers automatically in different styles.

[info_box title=”Automatic Opt-out” icon=”fa fa-times-circle-o” icon_size=”medium” style=”none” color=”#ffffff”]

We grant each recipient access to a USSD number to automatically opt-out. An opt-out message will automatically be placed at the end of each text.

[info_box title=”Delivery Reports” icon=”fa fa-crosshairs” icon_size=”medium” style=”none” color=”#ffffff”]

We give authentic handset delivery report. This means we receive an acknowledgment that the phone has received the SMS, not just the carrier.

[info_box title=”SMS API” icon=”fa fa-code” icon_size=”medium” style=”none” color=”#ffffff”]

Our RESTful SMS API is open to all accounts and is available free of charge. You can also use our shared sender ID for free to send SMS campaigns.

[info_box title=”Dedicated Support” icon=”fa fa-question-circle” icon_size=”medium” style=”none” color=”#ffffff”]

Our customers rarely have problems with our simple web interface or SMS API, but you can always call us during business hours or email us.

[heading title=”Why Choose Uwazii MOBILE?” sub_title=”Get quality sms service and price combination in the Kenyan market.”]
[info_box title=”Professional” icon=”fa fa-user” icon_size=”large” style=”circle” color=”#8a9e13″]

You get to work with a reliable bulk sms service provider in Kenya. Real people who are pumped to help steer you through these uncharted waters we call Bulk SMS Messaging. Don’t believe us? Call us at +254722157527 and let us change your mind.

[info_box title=”Empowered” icon=”fa fa-plug” icon_size=”large” style=”circle” color=”#8a9e13″]

We love what we do and are passionate about the wide variety of interactive SMS services that we provide. Spreading the knowledge of sending and receiving SMS in Kenya is why we’re here. Our bulk SMS gateway enables a business to be successful.

[info_box title=”Transparent” icon=”fa fa-bullseye” icon_size=”large” style=”circle” color=”#8a9e13″]

We never shy away from tough issues that may arise from bulk SMS, email, or voice communication. If we make a mistake, we will fix it and make sure you’re taken care of. No matter what it takes. That’s our promise to everyone we serve.

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We are confident and we’ve got an excellent team on deck to handle all your campaign needs.

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