What is Bulk SMS Marketing

What is Bulk SMS Marketing


We are living in an era of technology. It is not surprising to see that people consider mobile phones as the most effective tool for communication. The reason is very simple, today’s mobile phones have converted into smartphones and you can use them for multi-tasking e.g. email, sharing of pictures, snap chat, long distance phone calls etc. But for the last few years, a new wave has been noticed in the digital world about how to promote your business through mobile phones and one of these strategies include Bulk SMS Marketing. It is now being recognized as a key part of many business strategies for over a decade.

Now the question is what Bulk SMS Marketing is and how it can be utilized by different companies to improve their communication with clients, brand building and as a marketing strategy to reach consumers.

Bulk SMS Marketing is the medium through which a large number of text messages are distributed to a predetermined group of recipients through mobile phones. It is considered the most operational way to communicate with consumers and brands can reach their customers within seconds. It helps to improve customer engagement and encourage conversions. Recent research has proven that Bulk SMS Marketing is a better way of communication as compared to email marketing. It has become one of the most renowned kinds of mobile marketing, as it is the easiest, fast and inexpensive source to deliver information to end users.

Why is Bulk SMS Marketing effective?

Bulk SMS Marketing is highly effective in propagating your brand message to consumers. It is the cheapest channel for advertisement of your brand, business or services. You can use bulk SMS service to raise awareness regarding your business proposals. You can send one message to countless customers. Automated SMS service reaches recipients at the speed of 200 -500 SMS per second on 800 different networks in over 200 countries around the globe.

SMS marketing does not require any particular skills to send your campaign messages to subscribers. A well composed and content-based SMS can engage customers and drive them towards your brand.

SMS marketing assists in enhancing sales and customer loyalty. The most amazing feature is that bulk SMS automation can be scheduled for a particular time and date so that consumers can be targeted with information at the right time.

Personalized SMS services also add huge value to your business. All you have to do is add names of receivers and other personal information regarding your company or brand that you want to promote. You can also type discount offers or other promotional details in the SMS to attract the attention of the audience. Customers feel special when they receive a personalized message. Sometimes, people are not well aware of new openings in their city or country; but with the help of bulk SMS Marketing, a new brand can be easily publicized.

Another benefit of bulk SMS Marketing is that any business large or small can afford it. Marketers can use different options to send messages via an online SMS platform, by applying an integrated API system or through Email to SMS.


We can determine here that Bulk SMS Marketing allows large or small businesses to connect with their consumers in large volumes with efficiency and promotional content can be delivered to targeted audience in no time.