Explore Uwazii MOBILE’s Universal SMS Coverage.

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The Nuts & Bolts

  • Message Routing

    Create automatic rules for processing incoming messages.

  • Automatic Opt-out

    Enable automatic opt-out and reduce costs of messaging.

  • Dedicated Shortcode

    Receive feedback from our customers using end 2-way messages.

  • Long Message

    Cant keep it at 160 characters? We support up to 800 character sms.

  • Multilingual Support

    Communicate in multiple languages such as Turkish, Greek, and Latin.

  • Multiple Users

    One account, unlimited users, and continuous logging for each user.

Up to 99.9% Delivery Guaranteed

We’re directly connected with over 1,000 mobile networks.

Our Messaging Process

With 10,000 messages output per second. To send text messages across the world, we use an innovative load balancing system.

Custom Sender – Distinguish yourself from your competitors and build your brand rapidly by branding your messages. Branded messages are easy to remember and build customer loyalty.

Messaging Wizard – Easily create and send outbound messages with our step by step messaging wizard. Avoid errors by saving templates for future use and communicate efficiently.

2-way Messaging – Send and receive SMS or text messages using our online SMS software. SMS messages can be sent with a dedicated sender id and responses received via a shortcode.

Rich Profiles – Gain more insight on your customers with the ability to store their names, telephone numbers, emails and add different administrative levels.

Smart Phonebook – Automatically add your contacts to your phonebook and group them using special tags. Contacts can be added as one by one or using mass import.

Global Coverage – Send text messages to and from over 200 countries across the world using Uwazii MOBILE. Our bulk sms supports multi-lingual messaging.

Data Protection – Enjoy the safety off communicating international. Our SMS messages are protected with bank level encryption and is backed up regularly across 7 data centers.

Advanced Scheduling – Schedule your sms messages to be sent out at a particular time or date when you are not physically present to send them. You can set the delivery rate per minute too.