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Reach them anywhere, anytime using an innovative bulk sms service that delivers text messages to over 200 countries.

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We send Millions of SMS Online.

Bulk sms ensures that businesses are in constant contact with customers. Reach your customers on-demand.

Time is of the essence when it comes to business communication. Businesses need an SMS service that can keep up with new mobile marketing trends and is adaptive to global changes. We understand this and have developed a low-cost way for businesses to reach their customers through an online SMS gateway that supports a web portal and SMS API.

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Olivado utilizes bulk sms messages in Kenya to stay in touch with their farmers in different places across Kenya. They buy avocado directly from small bio-diverse farms, paying a premium set price, thus bypassing brokers and guaranteeing the farmers a regular income.



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Bulk SMS Messaging

Uwazii MOBILE can send your text message to millions of phone numbers in Kenya and across the world in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your contact list from a spreadsheet.
  2. Analyse your message for accurate pricing.
  3. Deliver up to 99.9% of your sms messages.


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Seamless SMS Integration

Take your text messaging needs to the next level with a real-time bulk sms gateway. Seamlessly integrate with unlimited platforms across the web. Send sms via API, javascript widget, webhook, or online portal.


  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Mailchimp


SMS API Built for Developers

Build your own messaging solution using our infrastructure. Our REST API allows you to perform multiple functions including sending and receiving text messages from any number without hosting sim cards.


Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

“text”:”My first SMS.”

cURL, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Java and .NET

Delivering Messages Worldwide

We not only deliver bulk sms to Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, and Jamii, but are directly connected to over 1,000 international mobile networks across the globe. Check our up-time

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99.99% server up-time.
Real-time delivery analytics.
10,000 messages per second.
Global reach and local presence.
Remarkable customer experience.
Scalable, fast and flexible solutions.

Included free with every account.

Every sms account comes bundled with innovative messaging solutions. Send a wide variety of notifications using custom  sender ID, shortcode, and longcode.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can I send at once?

Our sms gateway has a throughput of 10,000 messages per second. You can send millions of messages at a go using the portal or via bulk sms api. We use the latest load balancing technology to ensure robust sms delivery.

How different are you from other bulk sms  providers?

Bulk sms in Kenya is very competitive. We want to be the best with real-time delivery, lower pricing, and faster turn-around. From the beginning, we were set to create a better bulk sms product that is affordable to any businesses.

We are enthusiastic about deliverability and welcome you to text our bulk sms software. Feel free to contact us for free trial!

How secure is my data, can you sell or share it?

We respect your privacy. Your data is  yours and it will never be sold, used or shared with someone else. We have deployed bank level security standards to safeguard all user data.

Is there different pricing for international businesses?

Yes, we do have different prices for companies or businesses that are not incorporated in Kenya. However, this shouldn’t scare you as we offer the cheapest bulk sms rates in the market. Reach out to us to know how much your sms campaigns will cost.

Does your platform support branding of messages?

Yes, we support branded bulk sms messages. Our sms message service supports sending of messages through short codes, alphanumeric sender ID and email domains. Shortcodes and be used to send and receive sms across different networks. Check our features section for detailed information about our sms solutions.

How do I sign up for an sms online account?

We believe in testing before committing. Before you sign up for an account, utilize our demo account for free bulk sms. You can sign up online from the register section of our website and get fress sms. Sign up now and start sending your sms marketing campaigns to mobile phones around the world.

Do you support airtel bulk sms?

We are directly connected with over 1,000 mobile networks around the world to ensure that our messaging services are outstanding. Out of these connections, Airtel is a major player that we can miss being connected to.

Other than sender ID, what else can I use?

We support the sending of messages using branded sender IDs or alphanumeric as well as short and long code. In addition we support sending of messages using virtual phone numbers. These are however, available in certain countries only.

Is there a cutoff time for bulk sms messages?

Different countries have different regulations for sending bulk sms messages. For instance, in Kenya, Safaricom does not allow the sending of promotional messages between 6pm and 8am. Our account managers are well versed with the regulations for sms marketing in different regions.

Can I be able to receive sms online?

Yes, we support 2 way bulk sms communication. Using your account, you can send and receive sms messages online. Check out our API documentation on mass text messaging. You may be one of the few luckiest customers to get free sms.

Does your application come with sms dashboard?

We designed our messaging application based on the feedback from our customers. Not only do we provide a sms dashboard for detailed messaging analytics, we also offer real-time logs with delivery statuses to the real phone numbers. After sending your bulk sms messages, refresh the page for more details.