Send Bulk SMS in Kenya Without Worrying About Your Contact’s Network.

Direct Connections

Utilize bulk SMS in Kenya to stay connected with your customers anywhere in Kenya. Send bulk SMS from an easy to use web portal that comes with a dedicated SMS account manager. Our bulk SMS gateway is directly connected to Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Equitel, and Jamii.

Sender Name

Help your customers know your brand name. Send bulk SMS in Kenya with a dedicated sender ID. The mobile networks in Kenya allow branding with a registered company name or trademark. Branded sender IDs can be used to send promotional or transactional messages.

Shortcode Service

Sending and receiving SMS messages online can be accomplished in Kenya. Majority of mobile operators support a 5-digit shortcode number which can be used to send and receive SMS. Uwazii MOBILE customers can register a regular or premium shortcode with an attractive revenue share model.

Personalized Texting

Seamlessly add the recipients names and other personal information in each SMS. Simply upload your contact information with the variables from a spreadsheet e.g. MS Excel. Then customize the body of your text message by adding these variables. Each recipient of the SMS will receive receives a unique message according to their information.

Bulk SMS at an Affordable Price

Uwazii MOBILE pioneers Bulk SMS in Kenya. That’s why we offer the cheapest bulk SMS rates without compromising on quality. Send your bulk SMS messages to Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Jamii, and Equitel.

Our Messaging Process

With a throughput of 10,000 messages per second. We utilize an advanced load balancing technology to deliver Bulk SMS in Kenya.

Custom Sender – Distinguish yourself from your competitors and build your brand rapidly by branding your messages. Branded messages are easy to remember and build customer loyalty.

Messaging Wizard -Easily create and send outbound messages with our step by step messaging wizard. Avoid errors by saving templates for future use and communicate efficiently.

2-way Messaging – Send and receive SMS or text messages using our online SMS software. SMS messages can be sent with a dedicated sender id and responses received via a shortcode.

Rich Profiles – Gain more insight into your customers with ability. Store their names, telephone numbers, emails and add different administrative levels.

Smart Phonebook – Automatically add your contacts to your phonebook and group them using special tags. Contacts can be added as one by one or using mass import.

Wide Coverage – Send text messages to and from 5 mobile networks in Kenya using Uwazii MOBILE. Our bulk SMS supports multi-lingual messaging.

Data Protection – Enjoy the safety of communicating internationally. Our SMS messages are protected with bank-level encryption and are backed up regularly across 7 data centres.

Later Sending – Schedule your SMS messages to be sent out at a particular time or date. You do not need to be physically present to send them. You can set the delivery rate per minute too.

The Nuts & Bolts

  • Message Routing

    Create automatic rules via the api gateway for processing incoming messages.

  • Dedicated Shortcode

    Receive feedback from our customers using end 2-way messages.

  • Long Message

    Can’t keep it at 160 characters? We support up to 800 character SMS.

  • Multilingual Support

    Seamlessly integrate with our bulk sms service and communicate in multiple languages.

  • Multiple Users

    One account, unlimited users, and continuous logging for each user.

  • Automatic Opt-out

    Enable automatic opt-out and reduce costs of messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cutoff time for blast SMS?

Different countries have different regulations for sending bulk SMS messages. For instance, in Kenya, Safaricom does not allow the sending of promotional SMS between 6 pm and 8 am. Our account managers are well versed in the regulations for SMS marketing in different regions.

How different are you from other SMS providers in Kenya?

We created a bulk SMS service that’s different from any other bulk SMS gateway. Real-time delivery, lower pricing, and faster turn-around.  We support both SMPP and HTTP bulk SMS API.

Does your application support bulk SMS resellers?

We have developed a white-label portal for bulk SMS resellers. Our portal allows SMS resellers to brand the bulk SMS software with colours of choice and preferred domain name e.g. No programming experience required. We also have a white-label SMS API for sharing with different clients.

How do I get started with your service?

Before you get started with the Uwazii MOBILE, you have to register for an account that will give you access to our portal. You can sign up for a free bulk SMS account online.