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We are the choice of countless businesses for sending SMS in bulk. Our user-friendly platform is designed to support your communication needs, empowering you to deliver messages to a wide audience, directly to their mobile phones. From personalized texting to a dedicated sender ID, real-time verification to an advanced messaging process, we offer it all. Explore our platform and transform the way you connect with your customers.

Direct Connections

Conquer the barrier of network limitations and connect with your customers across Kenya with ease – You’re directly connected to Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Equitel, and Jamii, offering you the advantage of seamless communication regardless of your customer’s network provider.

Customisable Sender

Boost brand recognition with each SMS sent – Our platform lets you customize the sender ID, so that every message carries your brand name or registered company trademark. Whether it’s a promotional or transactional message, make each SMS an extension of your brand’s identity.

Shortcode Service

Simplify your interactions with the convenience of 5-digit shortcode numbers – Most mobile operators in Kenya support our shortcode service. As a Uwazii MOBILE customer, you can register a regular or premium shortcode, facilitating easy sending and receiving of SMS messages online. Leverage our attractive revenue share model to optimize your communication strategy.

Personalized Texting

Craft unique messages tailored to each recipient for an enhanced customer experience – With our platform, you can personalize your bulk messages effortlessly. Just upload your contact information, customize the body of your text message with recipient-specific variables, and create a unique, engaging experience for every individual on your contact list.

Bulk SMS in Kenya at Unbeatable Rates

Invest in effective communication without straining your budget.

We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. As a pioneer of Bulk SMS in Kenya, we provide quality service without compromising affordability. Our bulk SMS rates, start as low as KSh. 0.30 per SMS, ensure that you can reach a large audience while staying within your budget.

Advanced Messaging Process

Our platform employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure you experience superior performance when sending bulk SMS. Here’s a snapshot of our robust messaging process:

High Throughput

We handle up to 500 messages per second, powered by our advanced load-balancing technology. Your messages are delivered promptly no matter the volume.

Real-Time Verification

We provide an authentic SMS delivery report as received from the mobile network for each message you send, allowing you to monitor delivery status in real-time.

Flooding Filter

We ensure no recipient gets the same message twice. Our smart flooding filter prevents duplicate messages, ensuring every communication counts.

Quality Assurance

We offer detailed analytics explaining why a message might have failed to deliver, helping you improve and save cost on future messaging campaigns.

Custom Sender – Stand out in the crowd. Brand your messages to build rapid recognition and loyalty among your customers.

Messaging Wizard – Communicate with precision. Create and send outbound messages effortlessly using our step-by-step messaging wizard. Save templates for future use and avoid errors.

2-Way Messaging – Engage interactively. Our platform supports two-way messaging. Send an SMS with a dedicated sender id and receive responses via a shortcode.

Rich Profiles and Smart Phonebook – Know your customers better. Store customer details like names, numbers, and emails, and manage them efficiently with our smart database.

Wide Coverage – Reach beyond boundaries. Our platform supports multi-lingual messaging, allowing you to send text messages across 5 mobile networks in Kenya.

Data Protection – Rest easy, your data is safe. Our messages are protected with bank-level encryption and backed up regularly across multiple data centers.

Scheduled Sending – Plan ahead. Schedule your SMS messages to be sent out at a specific time or date, controlling the delivery rate per minute.

The Nuts & Bolts

Message Routing

Automate for efficiency. Easily create automatic rules via our API gateway for processing incoming messages.

Dedicated Shortcode

Promote interactive communication. Get responses from customers using end 2-way messages via your very own dedicated shortcode.

Long Message

More to say? No problem. Can’t keep it at 160 characters? We support up to 800-character SMS, giving you the flexibility to communicate more.

Multilingual Support

Speak their language. Seamlessly integrate with our bulk SMS service and communicate in multiple languages, breaking language barriers.

Multiple Users

Teamwork made easy. One account, unlimited users, and continuous logging for each user. Perfect for businesses operating in teams.

Automatic Opt-out

Respect user preferences. Enable automatic opt-out to reduce the costs of messaging and enhance customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to your queries about our bulk SMS service in Kenya.

Is there a cutoff time for Blast SMS?
In Kenya, Safaricom does not permit promotional SMS between 6 pm and 8 am. Our account managers are well-informed about regional SMS marketing regulations and will guide you accordingly.

How does Uwazii MOBILE differ from other SMS providers in Kenya?
We provide a unique experience, offering real-time delivery, competitive pricing, and faster turnaround. We support both SMPP and HTTP bulk SMS APIs, making us distinct from other bulk SMS gateways.

Does your application support bulk SMS resellers?
Yes, we have a white-label portal for bulk SMS resellers. It allows SMS resellers to customize the bulk SMS software with their preferred colors and domain name. Plus, we have a white-label SMS API that can be shared with different clients.

How do I get started with your service?
Getting started with Uwazii MOBILE is straightforward. Register for an account online, and you will gain access to our portal. You can sign up for a free bulk SMS account to explore our platform.

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