Activating Promotional Messages on Safaricom


Activating Promo Messages on Safaricom

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Activating Promotional Messages on Safaricom

In an age where your smartphone is almost an extension of yourself, various messages fill your screen daily. From essential communications to promotional SMS, the ability to sift through the noise to find valuable information is more critical than ever. This comprehensive guide on activating promotional messages on the Safaricom network serves as your insider playbook for unlocking a world of unbeatable deals while effectively offering insights on managing promotional messages on your Safaricom line.

The Power of Promotional SMS

When you hear the term promotional SMS, you might instinctively think of spam or unwanted distractions. However, these messages can be a treasure trove of savings and unique opportunities. Promotional SMS, for example, could include a text alert notifying you of a 50% discount at your favorite restaurant or a flash sale from a fashion brand you love.

What is a Promotional SMS Service?

If you're curious about what a promotional SMS service entails, it's a service designed to send bulk messages to a list of subscribers. These messages contain information about discounts, special offers, and other exclusive opportunities. Bulk SMS providers on the Safaricom network offer promotional SMS services that are meticulously curated and adhere to strict privacy standards, ensuring your personal data is always secure.

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Why Activate Promotional SMS on your Safaricom Line?

Activating promotional SMS on the Safaricom network is a straightforward process with two primary methods. Once you’ve activated this feature, you can expect to receive various SMS promotions from businesses and organizations with whom you’ve interacted and granted exclusive permission to send you updates. These messages may include discounts on services and products and exclusive early-bird offers from merchants you have previously engaged with.

Activating via USSD

  1. Dial *456*9*5# to access the main menu.
  2. Navigate to Option 4, “Activate by Sender Name.”
  3. Enter the sender name from whom you wish to receive promotional messages.
  4. Wait for a confirmation message from Safaricom.

Activating via MySafaricom

  1. Download the MySafaricom App from your preferred app store.
  2. Log in and tap on ‘Account.’
  3. Select ‘My Subscriptions’> ‘Promotional Messages.’
  4. Toggle ‘Allow Messages’ and choose your preference.

Customizing and Managing Your SMS Promotions

While activating promotional messages can be a goldmine for exclusive deals and offers, there may come a time when you wish to exercise more control over the types of SMS you receive. Whether you want to refine your preferences or opt-out entirely, Safaricom provides various options for customizing and managing your SMS promotions. Here, we’ll guide you through the multiple ways you can tailor your promotional SMS experience to suit your unique needs and preferences.

How to Stop Receiving Promotional SMS

Are you tired of receiving promotional messages irrelevant to your interests? Don’t worry; you can stop receiving all messages from promotional sender IDs or block them from specific senders. This ensures that you only receive messages that are of interest to you.

How to Opt-Out or Block Promotional SMS

Suppose you’re wondering how to block promotional SMS or how to opt out of receiving promotional SMS. In that case, you can do so via a USSD option or the MySafaricom app. In the MySafaricom App, navigate to ‘My Subscriptions’ and toggle off the ‘Allow Messages’ button to turn off promotional messages.

Common Questions Answered

  • What Types of Deals Can I Expect? Look forward to a diverse range of deals and offers—from food and fashion to travel and entertainment.
  • Are There Privacy Concerns? Rest assured, Safaricom enforces strict privacy policies for all merchants sending promotional SMS, but it’s always good to read the T&Cs for each offer.
  • Is there a USSD option to stop receiving promotional messages? The article does not specify a USSD option for stopping promotional messages. Still, you can do so by following the same USSD menu where you activated the service and looking for an ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘deactivate’ option.
  • Can I opt out of Promotional SMS from specific senders? Yes, Safaricom provides the flexibility to block messages from specific senders. This ensures that you only receive messages that are relevant to your interests.


Whether you’re looking to activate promotional SMS for a slew of exclusive deals or searching for ways to manage or stop receiving promotional SMS, Safaricom offers an intuitive and flexible platform to meet both needs. So, why miss out on what could be significant savings or enriching experiences? Activate your promotional messages today and step into a world of incredible opportunities!

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