Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing


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Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

The benefits of bulk SMS marketing are evident as SMS Marketing helps businesses stay connected with customers, the core of your business, and your most valuable asset. You need to cherish them if you want to see any growth in your industry. You need a reliable communication tool to stay in touch with your customers and maintain a long-lasting relationship. For businesses that are low on budget, there is no better alternative to finding bulk SMS software.

User experience and customer satisfaction are significant factors in the performance of businesses. They cause the need to keep in touch at all times. Though face-to-face communication has been the renowned way of establishing lifelong relationships, times have changed.

Businesses need to embrace modern technology and cut traditional demographic and geographic boundaries. Solutions such as social media have empowered businesses to access a broader reach of prospects. Today’s Business owners must employ the right tools to keep in touch with their clients directly and personally. One such tool ideally meant to serve a worldwide customer base is sending text messages.

Mass texting, or bulk SMS, is the most straightforward, reliable, universal, and fastest medium to communicate with customers on multiple mobile networks. More so, the service works on all handsets and any network globally. Statistics show that bulk text messages are opened within a few minutes of being received, making texts indisputably the number one tool for customer engagement and marketing services. So, how can your business benefit from Bulk SMS?

What Are the Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing?

Short messages can not only be used for general communication but can allow the definition of specific and personalized SMS marketing messages to be sent to your best clients. Therefore, you can organize reward campaigns that target your most loyal shoppers to strengthen their ties to you. And even encourage them to try out new products and services they may not have noticed before. Below, we have prepared the benefits of SMS marketing:

  • High Open Rate: The closest comparison for bulk SMS to your customers is to send them an e-mail marketing campaign. Text marketing has an open rate that is much higher than e-mail. Most people always receive junk email. It makes them accustomed to ignoring unknown e-mails. Most people check their mobile phones when a new message is received. It’s hard to go wrong with sending SMS. With the correct marketing strategies, the open rates are around 100 percent for each campaign.
  • Clarification: SMS messaging works like customer care, so you can share vital business information with your customers to ensure they understand what you offer and stand for. Therefore, the bulk SMS marketing service can be used to explain new services, send instructions on the use of specific products, or even direct customers to your outlets using the target audience.
  • Costsaver: One of the most significant benefits of bulk SMS service is its cost-effectiveness. It’s tough to find more value for your money. You can send as many bulk SMS messages as possible with a button click. That means, with little or no cost, as much bulk sms as you want.
  • Feedback: Another critical aspect of bulk SMS is its instantaneous nature, which allows your business to request instant feedback from users of your product or new service subscribers. This allows your business to quickly get to grips with how your customer service is doing, and the customers will surely appreciate it. Any business can integrate a bulk SMS service into their in-house application using an SMS API, making communication easier with phone numbers across multiple networks.
  • Delivery: It takes time for many traditional forms of marketing. Would you like to create a new television ad? The commercial may be in the air in weeks or months. But with bulk SMS, your marketing campaigns are almost delivered immediately. This is particularly important with time-sensitive messages. For example, many restaurants send messages on dinner specials every night. They do this because they know their hungry customers receive the message immediately.
  • Updates: Most, if not all, customers enjoy the thrill of shopping regularly and whatever product they buy. They always expect to be kept in the loop when new alternatives, promotions, special offers, or anything else. Similarly, customers will surely appreciate updates on the order status and delivery schedule if you deliver goods or services. Timely SMS alerts, therefore, go a long way in keeping your customers informed.
  • Interactions: An adequately set up bulk SMS campaign allows your business to establish genuine dialogue and eventually build interest. A bulk SMS, gateway, or messaging platform can establish two-way communication that allows you to send bulk SMS and collect feedback by simply engaging, listening, and responding.
  • Pricing: Nearly all outdoor advertising has prohibitive costs for most small to medium-sized enterprises. On the contrary, SMS marketing is so low that campaigns can be launched and conducted at a small fraction of the costs associated with other traditional marketing methods. For just as little as KSh. 750, you can reach 1000 customers in seconds. With this economic efficiency and high return on investment, bulk SMS marketing is essential for all modern businesses.
  • Personalization: SMS messages can be customized to the recipient in just a few seconds. This can be based on a customer’s previous buying and demographic behavior. It would be costly to try to achieve this personalization in other forms of marketing. But with bulk SMS, nearly no additional costs can be made, and the effect on the recipient is unique.
  • Deployment: Sending marketing campaigns is almost instantaneous once you configure your application with an SMS service provider. This allows information to travel so fast throughout the world in the most readable method. With an open rate of nearly 100 percent, your message is read in minutes.

All in all, you must remember that customers remember the service more than the price. This means that all your efforts to interact, answer, and help them resolve issues are significant impact drivers and will surely pay your business back with loyalty. Moreover, the more loyal your customers are, the more they want to share the word about your excellent products and services, and we all know how effective word of mouth is.

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