Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Your customers are the core of your business and ideally your most valuable asset hence the need to cherish them if you want to see any level of growth. Every company banks on reliable communication to either reach out to the intended customers or maintain contact for a lasting relationship. Similarly, user experience and customer satisfaction are major factors in the performance of businesses and that basically necessitates keeping in touch at all times and almost instantaneously. Even though face to face communication has been the renowned way of establishing lifelong relationships, times have changed significantly to embrace the technology and to cut the traditional demographic and geographic boundaries.

Today businesses need to employ the right tools to keep in touch with their clients in a direct and personalized manner. One such tool that is ideally meant to serve a worldwide customer base is Bulk SMS. Text messaging is the simplest, most reliable, universal and fastest medium to communicate with customers. More so, the service works all handsets and on any network globally. Statistics also show that text messages are opened within a few minutes of being received making texts indisputably the number one tool for customer engagement. So how can your business benefit from Bulk SMS?

What at the Benefits of Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS marketing can not only be used for general communication but can allow the definition of specific and personalized messages to be sent to your best clients. You can, therefore, organize reward campaigns that target your most loyal shoppers so as to strengthen their ties to you and even encourage them to try out some new products and services they may not have paid attention to before.

  1. Clarification: SMS messaging works just like customer care would in that you can share vital information about your business with your customers to ensure they understand what you offer and stand for. Bulk SMSes can, therefore, be used to explain new services, send instructions about usage of certain products or even direct clients to your outlets.
  2. Feedback: Another important aspect of Bulk SMS is its instantaneous nature which accordingly allows your business to request instant feedback from users of your product or new subscribers of your services. This allows your business to quickly get to grips with how your customer service is doing and the customers will surely appreciate it.
  3. Updates: Most, if not all customers, enjoy the thrill of shopping regularly and whichever the product they purchase, they always expect to be kept in the loop when there are new alternatives, promotions, special offers or anything else. Similarly, if you are in the business of delivery of goods or services, clients will surely appreciate updates about the order status and delivery schedule. Timely SMS alerts, therefore, go a long way in keeping your customers information-satisfied.
  4. Interactions: Lastly, a properly set up Bulk SMS campaign allows your business to establish genuine dialogue and eventually build interest. The Bulk SMS gateway can allow you to establish two-way communication that enables you to respond and collect feedback by simply engaging, listening and replying.

All in all, you have to keep in mind that customers remember the service more than they recall the price. This means that all your efforts to interact, answer and help them resolve issues are significant impact drivers and will surely pay your business back with loyalty. Furthermore, the more loyal your clients are, the more they will want to share the word about your amazing products and services and we all know how effective word of mouth is.