Reducing Customer Opt-out


Following each SMS marketing campaign, it is normal to get a few recipients opt-out. But what if a simple change reduced a large number of opt-outs and contributed to maintaining more contacts? There are two opt-out functions for our online SMS platform service: mobile network operator required e.g. STOP*456*9*5# and customer-initiated opt-out URL. Switching from one to another can help you reduce the rate of withdrawal. Let’s look at them both:

Mobile Network Opt-out

This feature is available for every account in our online SMS software and is automatically appended at the end of each text message that is using an alphanumeric sender ID. It’s the most frequently used opt-out option in Kenya. A suffix at the end of each message that looks like this: “STOP*456*9*5#”.

Illustrative Message:

This week’s Black Friday shopping 25% OFF the entire store! In – store only valid. Display this text to the cashier. STOP*456*9*5#

If the recipient of the messages dials *456*9*5# and enters the sender ID, we will add them to our worldwide opt-out list, and your future campaigns using a similar sender ID won’t reach them.

Customer Initiated Opt-out

As it sounds, the sender of the message adds an opt-out link at the end of the message. When the recipient of the message chooses to opt-out and clicks on the link, it leads them to a landing page and they can confirm their opt-out or send you a reply.

Sample Message:

Get 15% off all smartwatches online for the next 3 hours. Don’t miss this deal! Shop now at Unsub.scribe

If the recipient of the text message taps at the (Unsub.Scribe.Here) URL, they will be directed to a webpage that will help you collect more information on why the customer has opted out.

NB: You must use a shortcode, such as 55555, instead of a sender ID if you want to use Uwazii MOBILE URL opt-outs. You can learn more about shortcodes on this link. An important and timely content that provides value for your customers is the best means of maintaining them. Reducing the number of SMS messages sent to customers per week helps greatly.