SMS Marketing for Restaurants

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SMS Marketing for Restaurants

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Everything You Need to Know

SMS marketing is a great way for restaurants to directly reach customers and promote their business through text messages. It’s an affordable and effective way to send discounts, coupons, announcements, and other special offers.

Why is SMS marketing for restaurants good?

  • High open rates: SMS messages have an open rate of 90% and above. This is much higher than other forms of marketing, such as email or social media marketing, making it a preferred channel for business.
  • Instant delivery: SMS messages are delivered instantly, so your customers will immediately see your offer, as the nature of SMS has made it irresistible to ignore and thus has a high read rate.
  • High conversion rates: SMS marketing has a high conversion rate, meaning that many people who receive your messages will take action, such as visiting your restaurant or making an order.
  • Affordable: Compared to other modes of advertising and marketing, SMS marketing is inexpensive to reach your customers since the costs per SMS message are in cents, especially when purchased in bulk.

How to get started with SMS marketing for your restaurant

The first step in SMS marketing is selecting the right platform, such as Uwazii MOBILE. With numerous options available, compare features and pricing to find the best fit for your needs. Once you’ve chosen a platform, you must collect phone numbers from your customers who have authorized you to send them messages.

You can ask for a customer’s phone number when they make a reservation, sign up for your loyalty program, follow you on social media, or pay through mobile money like MPesa. When you have a list of phone numbers, send your SMS marketing messages, remembering to keep the messages short and personalized whenever possible.

Tips for effective SMS marketing for restaurants

  • Obtain permission from your customers before sending them text messages. You can do this by having them sign up for your SMS marketing list or asking them for their phone number when they make a reservation.
  • Keep your messages short and to the point. Even though SMS messages have a 160-character limit that can extend to 800 or more characters depending on the SMS service provider, ensure that your message contains clarity and conciseness.
  • Personalize your messages whenever possible. Using a customer’s name and other relevant information in messages can emphasize their importance and make them happy as it shows you remember something about them.
  • Don’t spam your customers. Only send out SMS messages when you have something important to say to them. This is something that will want them to take positive action thus, try to keep the frequency lower to about one text message per week.
  • Include a call to action in your messages. Tell your customers what you want them to do, such as visiting your restaurant, ordering, or signing up for your loyalty program.

Here are some sample SMS marketing messages for restaurants:

Get 20% off your next meal when you sign up for our loyalty program! Text JOIN to 55555ABC Restaurant
Happy birthday, John! Get a free dessert when you dine with us this week to celebrate your birthday.XYZ Restaurant
We’re now offering online ordering! Get 10% off your first order with the code WELCOME10.ABC Restaurant
Our new happy hour menu is now live! Get 20% OFF drinks and 50% OFF appetizers from 3-6 pm Mon – Thur.XYZ Restaurant

Essential SMS Marketing Takeaways

SMS marketing Consultants: If you’re looking for the cheapest SMS marketing consultant for restaurants and takeaways, you can look for freelancers or small businesses specializing in SMS marketing. You may consider checking with your local chamber of commerce or small business association for recommendations.

Data rates and Mass texts: Consider the data rates and mass texting options when choosing an SMS marketing platform. Some platforms charge per message, while others offer monthly plans with a certain number of messages. If you plan on sending out mass texts, choose a platform that provides discounted rates for bulk messaging.

Lists of phone numbers: When collecting phone numbers from your customers, get their permission before adding them to your SMS marketing list. You can also purchase lists of phone numbers from reputable data providers authorized to share such data. Refrain from utilizing phone numbers from unknown sources, as this could lead to litigation.

SMS marketing is an excellent way for restaurants to reach customers directly and promote their business. It’s an affordable and effective way to send discounts, coupons, announcements, and other special offers. If you’re not already using SMS marketing for your restaurant, please try it. It’s a great way to boost your sales and build customer loyalty.

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