What is Bulk SMS and What Makes it Brilliant


What is Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS also is known as mass SMS or text blast is a service which allows a wide range of text messages to be sent simultaneously to a broad audience. This is an excellent service to use for delivering SMS messages to your customers worldwide, safely, quickly and directly.

When contests, marketing campaigns, employees notifications, promotions or events are held, a mass texting platform is best used to send a large number of messages in one go. Mass texting can be divided into two distinct categories as follows:

  • Wholesale SMS – Messages sent by an reseller or agreegator companies. If your business offers text messaging services or want to be sending large volume text messages then you purchase yoru text messages at wholesale prices.
  • Retail SMS – Messages generated and transmitted by end customers such as Facebook, Google etc. Retail sms messages can be consumed as transactional sms of promotional sms.

The purchase and delivery of text messages in mass helped derive the name of the service as Mass SMS. This facilitates the purchases of messages which are much cheaper than ordinary text messages on one mobile phone for personal communication. Mass texting is cheaper and more effective in comparison to other advertising services such as e-mail or e-mail marketing.

In addition to the widely used bulk sms term, there are also terms such as text blast, business texting or professional texting that describe the core of this mobile service.

Text blasting is ideal for publicity, marketing, retailers, B2B companies, banks, travel companies, schools, and agencies or for any type of company or organization that wishes periodically stay in touch. At the same time, blast texting allows its users to quickly communicate with large numbers of people so that they can be used’ outwardly.

What Is bulk SMS & what makes It brilliant?

An affordable and cost-effective mode of communication that offers higher returns on investments

Mass texting is so beautiful and so simple to use. You just have to choose your provider, register an account, load your contacts, compose text and send.” Your customers will receive an update in just a few seconds. And you’ll get the online access to statistics and reports in real time that will help you overview results to make successful marketing decisions in the future. The immediate advantages of sending bulk text messages are:

  • Competitive benefits
  • Low operating costs
  • Measurable ROI
  • Revenue generator
  • High efficiency
  • Good value for money

Very low operating costs are one of the most important things to mention. Bulk SMS messages are much cheaper to transmit than voice calls for example. It’s much more effective than emails, not to mention because average open rates in emails differ greatly from one industry to another, but on average around 20%.

The secret to the success of mass message is that automated high volume SMS allows a message to be transmitted immediately to a large number of recipients irrespective of where they are located.

This is much more affordable and cost-effective mode of communication that offers higher returns on investments. It’s also much more convenient. Imagine how much time, effort and money it takes to communicate with your clients through some of the more traditional ways of communication.

Mass SMS is an excellent lead generator and an advanced tool, as it allows firms to reach people who have shown interest and are able to keep in touch with them. However, the process is not complete, even if people choose to receive notifications.

One reason why this type of communication is so successful is that within 3 minutes of delivery, over 90% of text messages are read. No other channel of communication can boast of such a success rate!