Who is a Bulk SMS Reseller


Who is a Bulk SMS Reseller

A Bulk SMS reseller is a person who owns a Bulk SMS software and makes its services available to individuals and businesses that want to utilise the services of mass messaging. The Bulk SMS reseller offers a service at a predetermined cost to an end-user and in the process acquires tremendous benefit from the revenue generated. The most appealing thing is that the entire profit belongs to the Bulk SMS reseller.

There are some Bulk SMS resellers who offer script or API services for communication. This is a prefered standpoint for most software developers who would like to integrate Bulk SMS into their application. Most Bulk SMS Apis are straightforward and easy to understand. Indeed, even a beginner in the programming space can comprehend. The below information can give you ideas on how SMS can help you:

  1. Bulk SMS brings instant traffic to businesses that need traffic at certain points e.g. restaurants or retail shops. The increase in customer traffic implies that a business will be able to get more purchases hence meeting its growth needs.
  2. Sending SMS one by one takes a considerable measure of time, however, a Bulk SMS software spares this valuable time by letting one person to send SMS in mass which can’t be done using an ordinary phone.
  3. The cost per SMS from a Bulk SMS reseller is not as much as getting Safaricom Bulk SMS or purchasing Bulk SMS from Airtel, Telkom, or Equitel. Making the advertising effort of your business easier.
  4. The Bulk SMS software monitors the number of messages that have been sent and which ones have been delivered. Therefore, a business is able to tell their reach and monitor their customer behaviours.
  5. You do not need to be logged in to a computer to send Bulk SMS messages. A business or individual can plan the time that works for them for messages to go out and the bulk SMS software will automatically send the messages.
  6. Bulk SMS software comes with API which is straightforward and can be used for integration with other software that needs to meet a business’s communication needs.
  7. It is important that you are aware of extortion in the bulk SMS industry. Check the organizations that you want to procure services from and know how their services function before working with them. In any case, the cost of Bulk SMS may change among various specialist organizations.

Bulk SMS is needed in today’s business. There are numerous companies entering the market every day yet the vicious competition from established companies forces them to give up. If these businesses need to compete and advance to the levels of established corporations, they need to embrace Bulk SMS which can turn a loss-making enterprise into a profit-making business.

Bulk SMS applications can send a single SMS message to a large number of people at a click of a button. You do not need to seat in front of a computer for long hours to ensure that the message gets to the intended person. The SMS application will execute the needed function once clicked or whenever scheduled. What’s more important about Bulk SMS is that the costs incurred are very minimal compared to other modes of communication or marketing.

When a business or organization has a Bulk SMS software or account, they simply need to pay for the SMS messages that they need to utilise for the day, week, or month which are very minimal in the event that you compare it to the benefits that it brings to the business.